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Anti-corruption and the UDEF investigate Monedero in a secret cause to collect from Chavismo

The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office and the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF) They investigate the ideologist of Podemos, Juan Carlos Monedero, for fraudulent operations in the collection of funds from the Chavista dictatorship. As OKDIARIO has learned exclusively, the cause that points to the co-founder of Podemos is still under strict secrecy. It should be remembered that the former head of the Intelligence and Counterintelligence of Venezuela, Hugo The chicken Carvajal, has pointed to Monedero as the person in charge of receiving the cash that Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro they have diverted the coffers from the purple ones.

The fence on Monedero tightens. The one who was the right hand of Iglesias in the Podemos foundation is currently the object of a secret police investigation that has detected a series of suspicious financial transactions. They are related to the flow of money sent by the Venezuelan dictatorship to Spain in the years in which the Podemos political project was created. In this investigation, which is conducted in parallel by the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office and the UDEF, Purse would be a key piece in all gear.

Purse again pointed

Monedero’s problems multiply with the verification of this new front. The chicken Carvajal already related in a Confidential Report, the title of the document sent to the judge of the National Court Manuel García-Castellón to which this newspaper has had exclusive access, the modus operandi from Caracas to finance Podemos. There were different ways: through diplomatic bag from the Venezuelan Embassy in Spain; money deliveries through Spanish companies and cash deliveries in Venezuela from the Cuban Embassy.

According to the Chavista general, three people always participated: Juan Carlos Monedero was in charge of the Spanish part and was in charge of receiving and coordinating the receipt of money; Ramon Gordils He was Maduro’s representative to maintain the relationship with Podemos outside the country; and, finally, Williams Amaro, personal assistant to the Bolivarian president, was in charge of collecting and delivering money personally, always within Venezuela. Monedero was the key man of Podemos to receive the money from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Among the different ways used to get the flow of money, the cash delivery in Spain “through companies with a Spanish facade” stands out. According to Carvajal, Maduro ordered the president of Bancoex and current Vice Minister of Economic Cooperation, Ramón Gordil, to hire “Spanish companies of his choice to organize international events Venezuela Exports. Once the contract is awarded and paid, the owner of the company gave part of his profits as a dividend in Spain to Juan Carlos Monedero ».

The chicken Carvajal points to the mercantile Viu Europa SL and Viu España SL, whose sole administrator is the Venezuelan Ernesto Velasco, as those in charge of financing the morados with funds from Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA).

Sources consulted by OKDIARIO assure that Venezuela hired the Velasco companies to “organize the assembly of lighting and stages” for these events that apparently had the objective of promoting Venezuelan products in the world. However, according to the military man in his written statement, the objective was to divert a part of that money to Monedero and thus finance the party then led by Pablo Iglesias.

'Confidential Report' of 'El Pollo' Carvajal.
‘Confidential Report’ of ‘El Pollo’ Carvajal.

Contract of 69,000 euros

Purse diverted 69.000 euros from your society Motiva Resistance Box 2 to the company Viu Europa SL. The co-founder of Podemos made this move shortly after having charged 425,150 euros of, among others, the Venezuelan Government, for having allegedly carried out consulting work. The Treasury investigated him for collecting that money from a merchant to avoid declaring it as income from a natural person paying personal income tax. Instead, the ideologue podemita declared it as income from his company by paying Corporation Tax and saving up to 130,000 euros. Monedero was forced to regularize his tax situation and paid 200,000 euros to the Tax Agency.

Sources consulted by OKDIARIO state that these “strange” movements as, according to The chicken Carvajal, Velasco transferred money to Monedero and then the founder podemita returned the funds – for example, the 69,000 euros paid to Viu Europa – are techniques commonly used in the money laundering and they aim to “lose track of the money.”

Juan Carlos Monedero has always shown his sympathy for the Venezuelan regime.  In the photo, days after Chávez's death, in March 2013, during a round table in Caracas.
Juan Carlos Monedero has always shown his sympathy for the Venezuelan regime. In the photo, days after Chávez’s death, in March 2013, during a round table in Caracas.

Monedero, the ‘mule’ of Podemos

The Chavista general also cites Monedero as the person in charge of receiving Venezuelan money through a diplomatic bag. The route that this money made until it reached the podemitas coffers, according to the military man, was the following: «The money was transported by the most important informant I had on these cases. The informant collected the money at the Cuban Embassy in Venezuela and took it to the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, where Williams Amaro received it.

Carvajal goes on to say that «Williams Amaro He sealed it as a diplomatic bag and sent the money to the Venezuelan Embassy in Spain. At the Embassy he was removed by Ramón Gordils, who then delivered the cash to Juan Carlos Monedero ».

Cuba appears for the first time as a financier of Podemos

And finally, Carvajal reveals that Nicolás Maduro delivered, through an assistant, 600,000 dollars to Wallet at the Meliá Hotel in Caracas. In the letter he reveals: «My informant collected the money at the Cuban Embassy in Venezuela and handed it over to Williams Amaro. Who would take it to the Hotel Meliá Caracas and give it to Juan Carlos Monedero “, and adds:” I remember a report where I was informed of a delivery of $ 600,000 to Williams Amaro, from the Cuban Embassy in Venezuela. I monitored this delivery to locate the destination of the operation. Indeed, Amaro arrived at the Hotel Meliá with a carry-on suitcase, entered Juan Carlos Monedero’s room and left 30 minutes later without the suitcase.

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