Anti-theft backpacks (and with GPS systems) protect your belongings at all times

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If we previously talked to you about some accessories and accessories that could help you when going on a trip, this time we are going to focus on one of them to propose more ideas that may help you. We are talking about backpacks in which to carry personal items, an essential accessory for every traveler and from whom you may require a special quality: that it is of the type anti-theft device.

Obviously you are not going to carry a bulletproof armored compartment on your back, but it will be quite interesting if you have pockets protected with inaccessible zippers O padlocks with codes that avoid opening the zipper. All these measures are quite useful if we take into account that it is most likely that we can carry valuable objects on our back, so, in the absence of being able to see them at all times, it is better to be calm during our journey.

Basically, the anti-theft security of backpacks focuses on the protection of the zippers, but we can also include extra accessories, such as a GPS beacon or a Bluetooth tracker.

If what you need is to have your backpack controlled at all times, the most practical thing is to install a GPS beacon so that you can see its location at all times.

This small device promises an autonomy of up to 3 months with a single charge, so you only have to put it in your backpack and forget about it. It will send its position continuously so that you can locate it on the map thanks to its application for smartphones.

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Another idea is to use a Bluetooth locator. The drawback is that they must be close to the cell phone to which it is linked or, failing that, trust the manufacturer’s private network, which lists and communicates other beacons in order to establish the position of those that are truly lost.

This Tile pack offers an extra-flat model that we can carry in our wallet, and the classic model that serves as a keychain and we can carry it wherever we want.

Some of the models that you could take into account when buying one of these backpacks are the following:

An interesting backpack with zippers protected by a lock with a security code. Unless you enter the code, you will not be able to open the zipper that is placed deeper, so it will be quite secure.

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