Antonela Roccuzzo and Georgina Rodríguez Flaunt Their Bikini Bodies on Lavish Getaways

Lionel Messi, Wife Antonela Roccuzzo Flaunt Stunning Tanned Bodies ...

Summer Vacation Fun: Antonela Roccuzzo and Georgina Rodríguez Enjoy the Beach

Summer is in full swing and Antonela Roccuzzo and Georgina Rodríguez are making the most of it with a well-deserved vacation on the beach. In the company of their partners, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo respectively, the internet celebrities showed off their vacations on separate beaches, but with similar photographs in which they flaunted their dream figures.

A Beautiful Sight: Antonela Roccuzzo’s Beach Style

On one side is Roccuzzo who was photographed in a little lavender bathing suit with pink edges. She wore a string bikini tied on the sides and a bra with triangles covering what was necessary. Through the photos she shared on Instagram, the Argentine showed off her natural beauty while walking with her husband Messi and jumping on the shore from the sea. Apparently, the couple is enjoying their last days of vacation in “paradise” in the Bahamas before Messi’s official presentation as the new Inter Miami player on July 16.

Georgina Rodríguez’s Fabulous Beach Getaway

On the other side is Georgina, who has been on a long vacation along the coast of Portugal with her family and her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo. On her social networks, the socialite and model shared an update on her trip with a reel of photos in which she showed off in a black string microkini with a halter bra. She posed with her back turned as she went jet skiing with Ronaldo and had a natural tanning session on a boat. “Beach lovers,” she wrote in the caption.

A Luxurious Yacht Trip: Ronaldo and Georgina’s Summer Journey

Georgina and Cristiano began a long trip to Sardinia, Italy at the beginning of the summer, aboard the soccer player’s $5.5 million yacht. The Portuguese reportedly acquired the ship Azimut Grande in 2020 and is currently part of the prenuptial-style agreement he shares with Georgina, which protects their property should they separate in the future. The player’s family has been out sailing on the yacht infrequently lately due to Ronaldo’s many commitments to the Al-Nassar team, especially his participation in the season. Ronaldo embarked on the family trip and invited a group of friends to join them upon their arrival in Portugal.

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