Antonio David Flores receives harsh criticism for this message on social networks

Antonio David Flores receives harsh criticism for this message on social networks

After the controversy over the videos he has uploaded on his YouTube channel harshly attacking Mediaset, Antonio David Flores has made the news again thanks to a tweet posted on the day November 25. It is the date on which the International Day Against Gender Violence.

As usual, there are many personalities who report through their social networks the multiple cases of gender violence that continue to occur today. In this way, they show their support for women and express their intolerance of this scourge.

Nevertheless, a tweet from the former Civil Guard supporting the feminist cause has sparked controversy. It is not for less, given that it has been publicly designated as the rresponsible for the mistreatment of his ex-wife Rocío Carrasco for more than 20 years in the documentary ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’.

Precisely, the documentary has been awarded by the Ministry of Equality for its commitment in the fight against sexist violence as part of the campaign Gaskets to commemorate the International Day Against Women’s Violence, 25-N. “Zero tolerance. Always with the victims. International Day Against Gender Violence », were the words used by the former collaborator of ‘Save me’ in support of the assaulted women.

The answers did not wait. Although it is true that there were certain people who defended him, highlighting that there are also abused men, Most of the tweeters attacked Antonio David Flores.

“But let someone say it who has spent 25 years psychologically abusing his ex on sets and magazines, making that abuse his way of life is to be a scoundrel, a cynic and an HP and there is no more”wrote one user.

«Send the hell that he is the one who writes this»pointed out another. On the other hand, there were also those who defended him: «We will always be by the side of the victims. A hug Antonio David, zero tolerance and false complaints must be pursued and reported, “said a member of the ‘Blue Sea’, as the followers of Flores call themselves.

Rocío Flores’s father ignored the criticism he received. In fact, pinned the tweet on his profile so it wouldn’t get lost among the other posts. Secondly, He took the opportunity to retweet comments against Jorge Javier Vázquez and the Fábrica de la Tele for his performance in what happened with Carlota Prado.

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