Antonio Pavón on Sheyla Rojas’ interview with Magaly Medina: “I don’t know if he got paid”

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Last Thursday, August 26 Sheyla Rojas surprised by giving an interview for Magaly medina. Is so Antonio Pavon gave some details of this meeting in “Love and Fire.”

The bullfighter pointed out that he did not convince Rojas, but that she did it for the notary Alfredo Zambrano (Medina’s husband), who would have helped them with some documents for their son Antoñito.

At the insistence of Rodrigo González, who asked him to intercede for them so that the model gives them an interview. The Spaniard recounted the help that Zambrano gave him.

“I didn’t ask him, but I think Sheyla has already turned the page on that … Alfredo has been very good to us. I needed a documentation from Antoñito and well, through Alfredo, we were able to get the documentation so that Antoñito could have his passport and ID here ”, counted.

Similarly, Pavón stated that after the misunderstanding with Magaly Medina, they both made the passes and have a nice relationship.

That is where they asked him if Sheyla had charged money for yesterday’s interview. “I did not charge anything, Sheyla I do not know if she will have charged”, assured.

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