“Anuel AA Keeps His Ex Karol G Close With New Tattoo Tribute: The Revealing Story”

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The End of Karol G and Anuel AA’s Relationship

The sentimental relationship that Karol G and Anuel AA maintained for three years ended in 2021 and became public knowledge. After the breakup, the urban music representative began a romance with Yailín, with whom he recently had a girl. However, the couple ended their relationship a short time before the birth occurred.

Rumors suggested that the shadow of the “TQG” interpreter was always present. A few days ago, the famous man mentioned his colleague at one of his concerts and now revealed that he still has the tattoo that was made in his honor. The tattoo is a reproduction of a photograph where they are both.

Anuel AA’s Allusions to Karol G

Speculations about the engraving on the skin had been around for a while. However, when he performed in Miami, he mentioned in the song “Mcgregor” that he still had it. He even hinted at his ex, calling the women who came to see him “bebecitas” and “bichotas”. The allusions to the Colombian singer were not well received by some netizens, who took sides with Feid, who is said to be the Carolina Giraldo’s current boyfriend, real name, or who wanted to hang on to the fame of the Colombian.

“Looking for fame with the name of Karol G”; “He wants to gain fame at the expense of Karol G”, and “The only way to sound is by talking about Karol G”, were some comments.

Feid’s Fans’ Comments

“Feid is more handsome than you”; “Feid is a prince. That man deserves Carolina Giraldo; he does know how to treat a woman, not like you, why are you peeing happy making children there for their mothers to raise them alone, that’s not manly. And Feid doesn’t need any ridiculous pearl to make Karol happy. He has more valuable and important things”;

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“I don’t blame him for being jealous of Feid, he is pure talent, he has built a clean career without going over anyone, he composes his own songs, he has highlighted Colombian slang in the genre, he talks nicely, he’s good. Anyone would be jealous”, and “We all love Feid,” they added in another publication by the singer.

Anuel AA’s Current Relationship Status

Anuel AA is now single and has publicly shown himself living with his children. Only time will tell if he will soon have a new girlfriend or if there is real interest in getting back together with Karol G; who, in the last issue of him, made it clear that she is not interested in resuming a romance with him.

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