“Anuel Confesses Meeting His Other Daughter: ‘Super Nervous’ Reveal”

Anuel AA is More Focused on Family and Well-Being

Anuel AA recently stated that he is now more than ever focused on his family’s well-being. In fact, he finally met with his daughter, Gianella, whom he has with the model and influencer Melissa Vallecilla. The decision to meet his daughter came after he saw his daughter with his ex-wife, Yailin, named Cataleya for the first time.

In an interview with Jorge Pabón (Molusco), the reggaeton artist shared, “Today I was with the girl, with Gianella, my other daughter, super beautiful. I loved it, she stole my heart, just like Cataleya. It was because of Cataleya that I…I saw Cataleya too and said, ‘wow, what am I doing, I have to fix this situation that is happening in my life.”

Anuel AA continued, “When I saw Cattleya, who was born right there. As soon as I saw her, I said: ‘I have to go see Gianella and what the hell are you doing stupid.'”

When asked if his daughter Gianella resembled him, he answered affirmatively and added that she also has features similar to Cataleya and his eldest son, Paul. “They all look like me when I was born.”

In addition to family, the singer also mentioned his radical change and weight loss. He shared how personal situations were happening in his life, leading to poor eating habits and even thinking he was sick. Thanks to the support of his team, he was able to focus, cleanse himself both physically and mentally, and lose weight.

“I thought he was sick, at some point I also looked at myself and thought that it was happening to me…And that’s when I saw and focused, executed and got into the gym,” Anuel AA said.

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Anuel AA’s focus on family and personal well-being is a positive step in the right direction. His fans and family alike will undoubtedly continue to support him on his journey towards a healthier and happier version of himself.

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