Anuel released “Legends Never Die”, an album in which he pays tribute to Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan

On November 26, the same day as his birthday, the trap singer Anuel presented his third album, “Legends Never Die.” In this project, the urban performer pays tribute to the artists who inspired his career.

The new album was developed during the pandemic over eight months and its aim was to offer fans its essence Hip-Hop, trap and reggaeton. In addition, he presents within the album a variety of songs that demonstrate his musical versatility.

With the project, Anuel created five album covers that paid tribute to iconic moments of his personal favorite legends such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor, Tupac, among others. The concept covers are accompanied by his music videos of the trilogy that share the travels of these icons that inspire him and that was directed by Anuel.

“During these last months I have grown as a person and as an artist. This album is my baby as it shares much of what I have been through this year and during my life, but overall it has inspired me by honoring legends … I am proud to share with my fans a concept that is inspiring for the streets. and globally with my lyrics, tone, sound, images and messages in general ”, Anuel said through a statement.

The album has many producers, including Chris Jeday and Gaby Music, who worked on most of Anuel’s first album, “Real Hasta la Muerte.” Other producers of the album are Tainy, Nelly “El Arma Secreta”, Masis, De La Cruz, Foreign Tech, Ovy On The Drums, Subelo Neo and others.

In addition to the album, Anuel also released for his birthday a new single and video included on the album, “Llorando en un Ferrari”, which is a continuation of his concept series “Leyendas” where he directed the videos that show a fast-life resemblance to through the metaphor of speed with respect to racing.

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