“Anuel’s Empowering Statement: Feeling Like Shakira”

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Anuel AA’s Ex Yailin Releases Song “Narcisista”

Puerto Rican rapper, Anuel AA’s ex-girlfriend, Yailin, recently released a new song titled “Narcisista.” The track is inspired by Shakira and reflects on her break up with Anuel. Shortly after its release, Anuel took to Instagram and posted a photo of himself flipping the middle finger in the air. Anuel captioned his post with the words, “I feel like Shakira today: EMPOWERED.” He also added the hashtags #Milloneta and #Rompecorazones.

Fans have since expressed their opinions on Anuel’s post regarding Yailin’s new music. One follower joked, “We clearly know who she is for.” Another netizen chimed in and stated, “The domi hit her where she hurt,” in reference to Yailin’s breakup with Anuel. Despite the negative comments, Yailin’s song has received plenty of support.

Karol G and Shakira Also Take On Ex-Partners in Duet “TQG”

Interestingly, Yailin isn’t the only ex to release a relief song. Karol G and Shakira teamed up and released the duet “TQG.” The two Colombian singers attacked their ex-partners with verses loaded with female empowerment.

Anuel Supports Yailin’s Music Career

In a recent Instagram live broadcast, Anuel asked his fans to support Yailin’s music career after announcing their separation. He referred to her as the mother of his daughter and stated that she would always be his family. The Puerto Rican rapper added that Yailin has the opportunity to become a great artist, and he plans on supporting her.

Single Mothers Prevail, According to Yailin

Yailin recently attended the Heat Awards in the Dominican Republic, where she sent a message of support to single mothers like herself. She stated, “We women can do it alone, and we can help our children get ahead,” during an interview with the press.

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In Conclusion

Yailin’s “Narcisista” song continues to gain recognition and support. Despite their rocky relationship, Anuel has shown his support for Yailin and her music career. Meanwhile, Karol G and Shakira’s “TQG” duet highlights the strength of women who take control after a breakup. Lastly, Yailin’s recent message of support for single mothers encourages women to take matters into their own hands and push through adversity.

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