“Anuel’s Heartfelt Confession: Still in Love with ‘Baby’ Karol G – ‘I Miss You'”

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Singer Anuel AA has publicly confessed his feelings for his ex, Karol G, in his latest hit “Mejor que yo”. The Puerto Rican shouted from the rooftops that he misses the Colombian and that her current boyfriend doesn’t understand her the way he does. Fans quickly flocked to the video, with over 200,000 comments within the first 30 minutes of posting. While some were supportive of Anuel’s message, others were critical, saying that he just wants attention.

This isn’t the first time a Latin music superstar has gone public with their personal life. In “Sesión #53”, Shakira revealed that her ex-partner Gerard Piqué left her for another girl named Clara Chia.

Anuel’s relationship with his wife Yailin ended in February, with the singer announcing the news via Instagram. The couple has one daughter together, and Anuel revealed that they couldn’t be together despite Yailin’s pregnancy.

Since their breakup, Anuel has been busy with his music career and welcomed his third child into the world. Karol G, on the other hand, has been rumored to be dating Feid, although neither singer has confirmed the relationship.

With the constant attention on Latin music stars and their relationships, it’s no wonder fans are glued to their social media pages for the latest news. Only time will tell how Anuel and Karol G’s love story plays out.

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