Anya Taylor-Joy shuns mirrors over attacks on her appearance

Anya Taylor-Joy has been in the public eye since her debut in The Witch in 2016. Her talent has been recognized by critics and the public alike, but the Argentine actress has had trouble accepting herself. In fact, she recently revealed that she stopped seeing herself in mirrors due to criticism of her face.

Taylor-Joy has previously revealed that she was bullied at school because her eyes are set slightly farther apart than usual. She was compared to a fish, which affected her self-esteem. She has also struggled with feeling insecure about her looks, even saying that she thought she was “the first ugly Emma” when she starred in Emma. (90%).

Despite her struggles, Taylor-Joy had the support of loving parents who taught her that what’s important is the inside of people. In a recent interview with W Magazine, she spoke candidly about how being compared to a fish on Facebook affected her. She admits that she stopped looking in mirrors for a long time and still doesn’t spend a lot of time in front of them.

In the past year, Taylor-Joy has starred in several films, including El Hombre del Norte (87%), The Menu (85%), and Amsterdam (23%). She also took on the role of Princess Peach in Super Mario Bros. The Movie (75%), which has become a resounding success at the box office and among fans of the iconic video game.

Fans of Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach are thrilled to see these beloved characters come to life on the big screen with incredible animation and attention to detail. Super Mario Bros. The Movie has broken box office records and is now considered the highest-grossing video game adaptation of all time.

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Despite the success of Super Mario Bros. The Movie, some users have complained about what they perceive as a “progressive agenda” in the film. However, fans remain excited about the adaptation and the representation of these cherished characters.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that anyone can struggle with self-esteem and body image issues. Even successful and talented performers like Anya Taylor-Joy can be affected by criticism and negativity. It’s up to us to support and uplift each other, and to remember that what’s on the inside is what truly matters.

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