Anya Taylor-Joy Shuns Mirrors to Combat Critical Remarks on Her Appearance

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Anya Taylor-Joy, the Argentine-origin actress, gained fame in 2016 with her debut film, The Witch. Since then, she has acted in several Hollywood productions such as Split, The New Mutants, Peaky Blinders, and Lady’s Gambit. Despite being recognized for her talent and beauty, she has struggled to accept herself.

According to reports, the actress has stopped seeing herself in mirrors because of criticism of her face. Taylor-Joy revealed that she was bullied at school because of her eyes, which are slightly far apart. She said that she was once compared to a fish, and it affected her badly. It led to her not looking in the mirror for a long time.

However, she was fortunate to have two loving parents who helped her. In an interview with Drew Barrymore, she said that her mother told her that the inside of people is important, and she should always look for the goodness in others. She thanked her mother for always being there for her.

Despite her struggles with self-acceptance, Taylor-Joy has acted in numerous films, including El Hombre del Norte, The Menu, and Amsterdam. She has also played Princess Peach in Super Mario Bros. The Movie, which has received a lot of positive reviews. The film broke box office records on its opening weekend and has become the highest-grossing video game adaptation of all time.

Fans of Taylor-Joy are thrilled to see her on the big screen again. They appreciate the attention to detail and authenticity in adapting the story and elements of the game to the big screen. It’s clear that her talent and beauty have won the hearts of many, despite her struggles with self-acceptance.

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