Anya Taylor-Joy’s Top 4 Movies

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The actress with Argentine roots has several projects on the way, including the prequel to Mad Max focused on Furiosa. We tell you which were the four roles in which he stood out the most in cinema.

The actress is preparing to star in The Man from the North.
© IMDbThe actress is preparing to star in The Man from the North.

Anya Taylor-Joy She is one of the actresses that generates the most attraction among consumers of movies and series below the 25-year-old line. The artist who was consecrated at the hand of the miniseries of Netflix, queen’s gambit, has several projects on the way, including a prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road where it will be put on the skin of Angry, the character he brought to life Charlize Theron. We tell you which were the 4 roles in which he stood out the most on the big screen.

The Witch

The movie that started it all. In this production directed by Robert Eggers (with whom will you work again in The Northman) had to interpret Thomasin, the eldest daughter of a 17th century Christian couple who suffers from the disappearance of her baby and suspects her practices, whom they accuse of being a witch. It is a film that can divide waters in the audience, between those who prefer a more direct terror and those who like to see something slower cooking. you find it in Netflix.


The movie with which M. Night Shyamalan he once again proved to everyone that his plot twist mechanisms hadn’t rusted. In this tape, Anya embodies Casey, a young woman who is kidnapped by a schizophrenic who developed multiple personalities, one of which is said to be a dangerous and fearsome creature. We won’t tell you too much in case you haven’t seen it yet, and you can find it at Movistar Play.


One of the films for which it was said that he could receive a few more nominations but had to settle for one more los Golden Globes (at the same ceremony in which he won a statuette for his role in queen’s gambit). This time, he had to star in a story centered on a young woman who lives in England at the beginning of the 19th century and is dedicated to meddling in the love lives of her friends. Is available in HBO Max.

Last night in Soho

The latest release to hit the cinema with the 25-year-old actress, directed by Edgar Wright. Although it didn’t receive the best reviews, it’s interesting to see the camerawork and editing that goes into this fantasy film that quickly turns into a psychological thriller. The film hit theaters a short time ago, so it is not yet on platforms.

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