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Apex Legends developer fired for offensive statements in the past

Apex Legends developer fired for offensive statements in the past

Apex Legends lead developer Daniel Klein was fired from Respawn Entertainment in 2007 after his offensive DeviantArt blog posts surfaced.

PC GamerAccording to the news of , the blog contained insulting and harassing content targeting women and blacks. Klein’s departure from Respawn Entertainment following the discovery of his blog forced him to make a statement about the situation.

On July 27, Klein shared a series on Twitter. tweet’te He addressed the issue and said, “I take full responsibility for what I have said, and I feel sorry, angry and ashamed at my young self for voicing them. I hope it is clear that I no longer believe in such things.”

Klein part ways with Respawn Entertainment

Klein announced on August 10 that he was leaving Respawn Entertainment in a series of other tweets. In his tweets, Klein explains his behavior as follows:

“I said racist and sexist things, not because I deeply believed in any of them, but because I knew I could get people’s reaction. That doesn’t mitigate my actions; my thoughts at that time one way or another doesn’t change the effect my words had.”

After Klein left the studio, KotakuHe told . “I am responsible for all the terrible statements I made in 2007, and I abhor my youth for making them. Someone, yes, pursued my past to hurt me. EA was well aware of the accusations and I was careful not to ever go after other employees like this again.” I wanted them to be.”

EA, when the blog posts appeared FanbyteHe made no further statements to the press about Klein’s behavior beyond his initial statement to . “Klein’s posts are offensive and we strongly disapprove of the point of view expressed. Our human resources department is aware of what has happened and continues to investigate the incident.”

Liam Wiseman is a freelance writer at MRT.

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