Apex Legends: Respawn works to prevent hacker attacks

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Apex Legends: Respawn works to prevent hacker attacks

Apex Legends happens like other online multiplayer titles, which in addition to being cheats has to deal with attacks against its servers. DDoS campaigns They are not strange in products of this style, but the Respawn Entertainment video game has suffered quite a few attacks in recent months, as published by Eurogamer. By kicking people off servers, cheaters rise through the ranks. However, the developers have stressed that they are already working on a possible solution.

The studio takes the matter very seriously and has already expelled players, but has also pointed to the possibility of taking legal action against characters who use this trick. Respawn works on a more permanent solution, as Conor Ford, one of Apex Legends’ security officers, has hinted.

“Our Samy Duc [ingeniero de software principal] he’s taking care of the DDoS problem as we speak. Not the simplest fix in the world, but huge steps are being taken ”, he reveals. “31 cheaters have been banned today in the meantime. We worry and we are frustrated like the players ”.

Punishments in Arena Mode

With some problem when it comes to materializing these penalties, Respawn Entertainment has also focused on expelling those cheats who quit mid-game, as long as the team is complete. Once the expulsion has been applied, the admonished player will have to wait 10 minutes to enjoy the title again in Arena Mode.

Apex Legends is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and Nintendo Switch; will also come out in mobile devices coming soon. The game works under the modelo free-to-play, that is, it is free but it has microtransactions. Currently, players can immerse themselves in Season 9 of the Battle Pass, waiting to find out what’s to come next.

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