Apex Legends Season 10: Hatching | Patch Notes: Seer, Legends Tweaks, and More

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Apex Legends outlines all the changes and news that it will incorporate in Hatching, the tenth season of his roadmap. Respawn Entertainment’s success marked the arrival date of August 3; by clicking here you will know everything you need to know to prepare yourself for this framework.

As is tradition, the launch of the new content comes hand in hand with an update full of adjustments and balances.

Apex Legends Season 10 Patch Notes; the most outstanding

Here are some of the highlights of the patch. If you want to know the complete corrections visit the official Web of Apex Legends.

What’s new?

  • New legend: Seer.

  • Changes to the End of the World map.

  • New weapon: Rampage.

  • Ranked arenas.

Quality of life improvements

  • Added four icons for streaks of 2, 3, 4 and 5 consecutive winning games.

  • Added the response “Stop” in the action menu when marking enemies.

  • Added distinctive sound effects when reviving with the golden backpack.

  • Updated the store to better consulate the elements related to a pack.

  • Updated the button to open packages; now it shows what types of packages you have left to open.

Goal of Legends

  • Fuse: Enemies within the ultimate’s ring of fire will now reveal themselves to the squad. | Tactical explosion increases its duration by 100%. | The passive can be activated or deactivated to launch the artillery correctly.

  • Horizon: Reduced the slow after launching the initial black hole. | The thrust of the gravitational elevator is adjusted to values ​​between update 9.1 and legacy.

  • Revenant: There is now a visual and audible warning for all players when the death totem protection is about to end. | Added a short notice when the death totem is required again.

  • Caustic: Gas damage starts at 5, increases by 1 every tick indefinitely. | Tactic refresh time reduced from 25 seconds to 20 seconds. | Ultimate ability refresh rate reduced from 3.5 minutes to 3 minutes. Duration reduced from 20 to 15 seconds.

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Weapons goal

  • Return the Prowler to the weapon pool on the ground. The M600 Spitfire and Alternator will be added to supply packs.

  • Added the reload enhancement accessory on the Hemlok and Wingman. When you reload near its capacity limit (but not 0) it increases the speed and overloads the next magazine with extra bullets. Therefore, the “Anvil Receiver and Quickdraw Holster” have been temporarily removed.

  • Weapon Rotation: Added Peacekeeper, Rampage, RE-45, Flatline, and Charge Rifle.

  • Weapon Rotation: Removed Wingman, Bocek R99, Hemlock, and Sentinel.

  • Reloading Accessories: Chargers associated with reload speed enhancement have been moved to the equivalent level of rarity.

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