Apex Legends Welcomes the Genesis Collection Event; All the details

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Apex Legends reveals its next collection event: Genesis. Between June 29 and July 13, users of the battle royale will immerse themselves in a series of unreleased content for a limited time. From cosmetics to changes in the playable plane. We tell you everything you need to know.

Genesis Collection Event: All Data in Apex Legends

The most remarkable shot of the event is the return of the original version of Canyon of the Kings and End of the World. Both maps will be on the normal playlist in Trios and Duos modes, rotating in cycles of one hour. Relive Skull Town in Season 0, or the moving train before the harvester arrived in End of the World. Veterans will be in luck.

On the other hand, Villa Calavera itself will be added to the rotation of the maps available in Arenas. Players can surround the towers like Valkyrie and Pathfinder, or set traps on the lower floors like Caustic and Wattson; this location offers a wide variety of tactics and a lot of chaos ”, explains Electronic Arts in a press release.

During this frame you will find 24 themed objects related to the arsenal and legends, such as the legendary skins of the Charge Rifle and the EVA-8 shotgun. If you manage to get all of them before it’s over, you’ll unlock the Relic Set for Revenant. All this will be linked to the 1600 points that you can get in a daily format.

The update will be accompanied by balance adjustments of legends and weapons. Octane, Revenant, Lifeline, Bloodhound and Wattson are the chosen ones in this round of changes. As for the arsenal, the 30-30 Repeating Rifle, Longbow and Spitfire will reduce their power to ensure a fair and balanced combat.

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Fountain: Electronic Arts (Press release)


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