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API management: Postman deepens Git integration and aims for a better overview

Postman has released an update of the platform of the same name for developing and managing APIs. The innovations are aimed at greater integration with version control systems and the tools for the development process. There is a new overview of public APIs for administration, and the update introduces a private API network for internal interfaces.

The platform enables Git to be integrated directly into the API management processes. Obviously, numerous Postman customers are already using version management to create the API description using the OpenAPI specification, among other things.

The new release can link the API versions defined in Postman directly with associated branches and tags in a Git repository. The platform can directly adopt changes in the repository that result from the merge of a pull request. Conversely, developers can trigger Git commits from the Postman API Builder.

The platform has recently made it possible to link an API to a Git branch.

(Image: Postman)

APIs can be written as shipped to create a permanent link between the interface definition in Postman and the source code for the associated release. The platform can manage several versions of an API, which can also be used in parallel for different customers.

The newly introduced Private API Network is intended to provide a better overview of the interfaces that are not public, but created for internal use. It offers a central directory of all internal APIs in an organization and is primarily intended to avoid redundant development: Teams can search for which interfaces are already available in the company.

The Private API Network manages the internal interfaces in a folder structure.

(Image: Postman)

The Private API Network shows a directory structure with several levels, and the description of the interfaces can be done in Markdown. In addition to a search, the interface offers various filter functions.

The people who use the Community-Manager-Rolle and are responsible for managing the visibility of workspaces and interfaces. Postman is now showing them all publicly shared links that your team has created and you can delete individual links.

Postman now offers an overview of public links

(Image: Postman)

The platform also extends the integration of tools and processes for the areas of source code management, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI / CD), API gateways and application performance management (APM). Among other things, she has recently been working with the CI / CD tools Travis CI and Circle CI as well as the API Gateway from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

After the two successful editions of the Online conference betterCode () API In spring 2021, a third will follow on December 1st with further practice-related topics.

In addition to six lectures, one of which deals with the further development and versioning of APIs, the event offers a panel entitled “APIs – come to stay”

Further innovations of the API platform can be found can be found on the Postman blog. The new one Private API Network is dedicated to a separate article. A connection to GitHub and Bitbucket is available at the start for integration into the version management systems, GitLab and Azure DevOps are to follow shortly.


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