“Apio Quijano Refuses to Respond to Media in Mexico: A Story of Fear and Avoidance”

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Héctor “Apio” Quijano, member of the Mexican music group Kabah, caused a stir among reporters when he attended a film screening. The journalists wanted to know his stance on the controversy between his sister Federica and comedian Consuelo Duval. Duval accused Federica of abandoning rescued dogs, which sparked negative comments towards her. Apio Quijano gave an interview on the Venga la Alegría program to explain his reaction to the media’s siege. He stated that he was scared and hurt during the encounter, explaining that he has the freedom not to speak if he does not want to. However, he also expressed his desire to make peace with the journalists and have a good relationship moving forward.

Furthermore, Apio Quijano acknowledged the incident on social media between his sister and Duval. He thanked Duval for publicly admitting her mistake and offering a public apology for her unfounded accusations towards Federica.

In summary, Apio Quijano gave insight into his encounter with the media and addressed the social media incident involving his sister and Consuelo Duval. Despite the negative comments and aggression, he hopes to move forward and cultivate positive relationships with the media.

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