Apple CarPlay will control more parts of your car

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One of the tools that is not lacking in an iPhone is CarPlay. If your car is one of the most modern models, you may have this function available in the on-board navigator and just by connecting it you will have access to all the content of the phone on its screen. But in the house of the bitten apple they want to do much more with this function and CarPlay may soon give you more information about your car.

More information about your car offered in CarPlay

We are at a time when electronics take complete control of the car. The mechanisms and gears that make the four wheels move are now powered in many cases by an electric motor, the latest in engineering to move from one side to the other.

Mobile devices also have a lot to say, as they are increasingly present in cars. And it is that they not only have a perfect symbiosis with the on-board browser, where you see all the information on your mobile without having to manipulate it at any time. But the best of all is that you only have before you the applications that you really need, such as the cartographic app you trust, the multimedia app to play music and the hands-free phone.

But at Apple they want to take a step forward and they want CarPlay also offers you data about your own car. Every vehicle, especially the newest ones, is able to give you all the car data. This means that you can control from the browser all the parameters of the vehicle that can be controlled electronically. According to what he says The Verge in its lines this can be from the air conditioning to the position of the vehicle seats.

More Apple Advances in Cars

That Apple shows interest in expanding its services to car manufacturers. We recently saw its possibilities to turn the iPhone into an electronic key thanks to wireless technology (although it is also possible to use the Apple Watch for this). But now, this latest report represents a major leap in car use, where you can control all its parameters without touching anything other than the browser screen. This function should arrive in an update to iOS 15, but there is still a long time to find out if the function will even become effective.


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