Apple could use titanium alloy cases in its future devices

Apple podría utilizar carcasas de aleación de titanio en sus futuros dispositivos

Apple could use titanium alloy cases in its future devices, reported this Tuesday GizChina citing sources close to the industry.

The American company has been considering different design solutions as an alternative to stainless steel and has paid attention to titanium, due to its greater resistance to scratches and mechanical damage, reports the medium. Thus, this material could be used in the production of future iPhone, iPad and MacBook models.

According to the sources of Gizchina, the technology will be perfected in the iPad of a new generation. If this material applies to the iPhone, it will most likely conform to the center frame, and the back of the device will continue to use the glass design.

However, the resistance of the material complicates its chemical milling. For this reason, Apple has developed a sandblasting process to give the titanium case a shiny surface, making it more attractive, says the text.

At the same time, Apple would be developing a technology that will help eliminate fingerprints on the shiny surface, giving the case a thin oxide coating.

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