Apple launches search for Hollywood studios to challenge entertainment industry greats

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Apple se lanza a la búsqueda de estudios en Hollywood para desafiar a los grandes de la industria del entretenimiento

Apple would have contacted real estate agents in Hollywood to obtain more recording spaces as part of a strategy that seeks to expand the influence of the company in the field of entertainment, according to sources familiar with the matter. quoted por The Wall Street Journal.

The new recording center could exceed 46,000 square meters and would join other studios that the company already has in the city and in other parts of the world.

Despite its dominance in the technology industry, Apple is one of the competitors struggling to gain subscribers in the world of ‘streaming’. Since its launch in 2019, Apple TV + has had some series and films that have received public recognition, such as the productions “Ted Lasso” and “The Morning show”; However, the platform lags far behind others such as Netflix or Amazon.

Another problem facing not only Apple, but all companies in the sector is the lack of spaces to produce series and feature films. Part of the reason for Apple’s conversations with real estate agents is that many of the recording locations are already reserved. The ‘streaming’ boom has meant that Los Angeles studios are booked many months in advance, which has led many companies to buy their own spaces or lease them for several years.

Amazon, for example, occupies much of Culver Studios (Culver Studios). Netflix, for its part, draws on several studios in the area, but has also built its own in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Apple’s ambitions in the real estate world are not only seen in real estate movements, but also in future projects. The company is going to produce the Martin Scorsese film “Killers of the Flower Moon”, in which Leonardo DiCaprio will act, and for which more than 200 million dollars have been budgeted, which is why Paramount Pictures -study that it was going to produce it initially- left the project.

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