Apple Paltrow Embraces Controversy by Wearing Her Mother’s “Most Hated” Dress

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Apple, the daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow, was encouraged to wear her mother’s “most hated” dress

Gwyneth Paltrow is one of those stars that she likes, from time to time, interact with her public. For this reason, from time to time she opens a question box on her Instagram account and submits to the most varied queries from her followers.

Today, while enjoying a few days off in Italy with her husband, Brad Falchuk, the actress answered a large number of questions, and in one of them she showed that Apple, her daughter, usually tries on some of her dresses, also the most criticized by the press.

Paltrow’s revelation came after a fan asked her if her eldest daughter had access to her fashion files. The passionate Shakespearean actress then shared a snap of the 18-year-old Apple in her enormous dressing room posing in the semi-sheer black Alexander McQueen gown she wore to the 2002 Oscars. Apple Martin – Credits:

At that time, the choice of Paltrow drew attention because her name used to be on the list of the most elegant and best dressed. But on that occasion, everything was a total mistake: the transparencies without underwear that left little room for imagination, the intensity of the makeup and the hairstyle, crowned with a braid around the head.

Over the years, the winner The 50-year-old Academy Award winner has spoken out on several occasions about the criticism she received for her gothic dress, widely considered her biggest red carpet faux pas; at the time, it was considered “unflattering” and a “fashion disaster.” video Vogue Life in Looks, in 2021.

“I had a weird hangover for a while because people were so critical. I think at the time it was too gothic, too harsh. I think people were surprised, but I like it,” she finished. A few years earlier, in a 2013 Goop brand Q&A, Paltrow admitted that she had “some issues” with her appearance. “I still love the dress itself but I should have worn a bra and had a simple hairdo and less makeup,” she wrote. “So it would have worked the way I wanted it to: a little bit of punk at the Oscars.”

business image and became the guru of her own healthy lifestyle. Through her social networks, the Californian shares not only her tips and tricks, but also the products that bear her name as a hallmark.

Within the practices that she advises, Paltrow was very enthusiastic on several occasions about a detox method that, according to His own words changed his life. This is the so-called “intermittent fasting”, a technique that involves eating during certain periods and not eating at others. The inspiration to implement these recommendations came from meeting the Uruguayan doctor Alejandro Junger, who in recent years has become a reference for many celebrities with a focus on healthy living.

The protagonist of Great Expectations usually prepares healthy dishes and has He published recipe books that were his first venture outside of acting and that show that he already had a soft spot for expensive products.

For example, the ingredients for a simple smoothie that he advises to have for breakfast cost at least $200 and are hard to come by, such as “moon dust.” He is so passionate about cooking that among his greatest idols is the Argentine chef Francis Mallmann, whom he visited in his restaurant in Buenos Aires. “Dream fulfilled”, she wrote on her Instagram account along with a selfie she took with him.

Gwyneth is not left with the desire: when she has a dream, she goes for it. Now that she has resumed acting as a Marvel heroine in the cinema and her company is running successfully despite criticism, she enjoys what She achieved. She even shared her happiness on her 50th birthday by painting her body, photographing herself nude, and sharing her photo on her Instagram account.

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