Apple patents an iPhone and a Mac made of glass

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The world is changing and it is increasingly aware that manufacturing processes must change. At Apple they have this philosophy deeply embedded in their DNA and we already see it in many of the devices on the market with their recycled aluminum casings. But this could also change in the future if we pay attention to the latest news that has in mind after presenting a glass iPhone and Mac.

Goodbye to aluminum in iPhones and Macs?

It is a fact that different mobile manufacturers have in mind to create light and resistant devices at the same time. Aluminum is one of them perfect materials for this task, but at Apple they think that a time may be near when a change must be made.

This can be seen in the latest patent that has been filed in which you can see two bodies made of glass. At least that’s what the paper counts, in which they focus on the construction of an iPhone and a Mac with a plastic case.

As for the first device, we have a body with beveled edges and that, as if that were not enough, the display expands everywhere as if it were a waterfall. And it is that being made of glass supposes a very great improvement at a functional level since parts are not left covered and intended for protection as is the case with aluminum chassis.

If we focus on the case ofl Crystal Mac, or rather glass, we have a major aesthetic change. The box is covered by a six-sided glass casing, which is the same in the report, which will provide a novelty at the design level, but nothing more functional than that (at least for now).

At the moment these are a couple of ideas that haunt the minds of California developers. The fact of using glass instead of aluminum is a huge change in the process, but it is a fact that users will have to give a positive response with its use. Do not get us wrong, but it is a fact that not all owners of a smartphone take care of it perfectly and I have made losing a functional part to a resistant one then it hurts the pocket when it comes to repairing the terminal.


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