Apple wants you to use your iPhone with privacy glasses

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The Cupertino people have taken the issue of privacy very seriously. In recent years it has been an asset that they have constantly played because they know that users care about their data. And there are services on the Internet and applications that acquire more data than you want to give them or need you to give them. But this does not happen on the physical plane, where the most prying eyes can see the content of your screen. And this is where a new patent comes in that will require a few privacy glasses to use your iPhone.

Protect your iPhone data from those staring at the screen

It is very difficult to avoid that a user does not see what you are writing on WhatsApp, or what you are buying in a store that you like, or the Twitter accounts you follow if you have your mobile exposed. With a good level of brightness you will not only see the display clearly, but also anyone who wants to ‘take a look because the screen is there’. There are not many ways to avoid it other than to hide the screen as much as possible avoiding exposure.

But at Apple they have another thought and that is that privacy on the physical plane will also come with their new privacy glasses. The system, according to the company’s patent, has as its beginning creating multiple profiles with FaceID to offer this privacy screen. But they have a curiosity, and it is the use of special glasses to see the content.

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Everything indicates that it will be possible to use special glasses not only to unlock the mobile, but also to view its content and interact with it. But to verify all this we will have to wait a little longer and find out the plans of the bitten apple that it has prepared for the future of augmented reality, artificial intelligence and, above all, privacy.


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