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Apple Watch Series 7: Only the display is new – and the redesign comes later

Is the Apple Watch Series 7 a disappointment or is it an attractive new model? Ghosts argue about this question – potential buyers as well as the Apple market watch scene. Originally, it was expected across the board that Apple would give the watch a completely new design – in addition to leakers, well-known (and mostly accurate) Apple journalists and the often correct analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had expressed themselves accordingly. But the Series 7 comes in the old look, albeit with a significantly – around 20 percent – larger display with almost the same dimensions.

When it comes to the inner workings, Apple relies on the familiar. As a internal comparison document shows, the watch has a new system-in-package (SIP) with the S7, but the built-in chip corresponds to that from the Series 6 (S6-SIP). However, minor changes may have been made to accommodate the larger display. Other components also remain the same, such as the loudspeaker or the Bluetooth 5.0 chip with ultra-wideband (U1). The internal memory remains at 32 GB. Apple has not allowed the Series 7 to have new sensors either.

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In the scene, it is now expected that Apple plans the new design of the watch for 2022 – together with new health technology that could, for example, record blood pressure and temperature for the first time. However, it can hardly be said whether the design corresponds to the leak. The Series 7 can still be of interest to Series 6 users. After all, it should be able to load up to 33 percent faster in the future and the new display allows, for example, the display of a full keyboard and new dials.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is announced for this fall. However, in contrast to previous years, Apple has not yet given a delivery date. So it could be October or even November. Incidentally, experts do not assume that Apple has changed the design of the watch in the short term: Apple plans the look years in advance. Presumably next year’s design has leaked, it said.


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