Apple will allow developers to implement payments outside the App Store

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Apple will allow developers to implement payments outside the App Store

The giant Apple will allow to implement alternative payment methods for the applications of the App Store on iOS. This has been revealed by, which confirms that all studios will have the opportunity to send emails to their consumers to inform them that they can access subscriptions to ingame objects from their website and at a reduced price. In this case, developers will skip the requirement to pay 30% of revenue to Apple as commission.

For this to be possible, clients must approve the automated sending of emails for the products of the study in question, as well as have the possibility of disable that option. This change in strategy is due to a number of concessions that Apple has decided to accept after a series of small developers in the United States denounced the company in 2019.

Nothing to do with the litigation with Epic Games

Therefore, it has nothing to do with the recent legal battle initiated by Epic Games, which has already concluded and is awaiting sentencing. Epic accuses Apple of alleged monopolistic practices, and how do you allow your iPhone, iPad, etc. there are other digital stores that are not your own App Store. On the other hand, the aforementioned concession does not allow developers to explore new payment systems within the application itself, but this must be done through the method described in the previous lines.

As part of this deal, Apple has said it will launch a $ 100 million fund to help small developers. The companies that will be eligible for the aid must meet a series of requirements, such as having won 1 million dollars or less on the United States App Store, from June 4, 2015 to April 26, 2021.

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