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Apple will re-enable Parler in its App Store

Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL ) is bringing back to its App Store the social media app Parler, a favorite of U.S. conservatives, after it was pulled in the wake of the April 6 Capitol invasion. January, according to a letter sent to two Republican lawmakers.

The letter, obtained by Reuters, says that after substantive discussions with Parler, the app proposed to make updates to its app and content moderation policy that would lead to it being reinstated on the App Store.

Major tech platforms cut ties with Parler following the attack by supporters of former Republican President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill that left five people dead. They accused the app of failing to monitor violent content on its service.

It’s unclear what changes Parler has made, designed as a free speech space for those looking for an alternative to platforms like Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB ) and Twitter.

Apple’s letter states that the updated version of Parler will be available immediately after its release.

Apple declined to comment, and Parler did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The letter, first reported by CNN, was addressed to two Republican lawmakers — Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Ken Buck — who last month wrote to the CEOs of big tech questioning their actions on Parler.

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