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Apple’s Smart Glasses – With Design, Features, Release Date and Price Details

One of the most anticipated gadgets of the year is Apple’s smart glasses. The Cupertino-based manufacturer wants to mark a before and after in the industry with a product that will allow us to enjoy augmented and virtual reality.

Name and Launch Date

Regarding the name of these glasses, all the rumors suggest that they will be called Apple Reality One. This model, which will work with the xrOS (Extended Reality) operating system, could be presented in January. The idea of the manufacturer is to make an individual presentation so that there are no other products that can overshadow the launch of the first Apple smart glasses. They could even surprise us at CES 2023, the largest technology fair.

Technical Specifications

The truth is that Apple has managed to hide its augmented and virtual reality glasses very well, but through different rumors we have been able to know some details. For example, it will be an autonomous device that will not need to be connected to the current to work. In addition, Apple will implement some headphones so that you do not have to use any external element other than the glasses themselves.

Regarding its technical characteristics, we know that it will have an M2 processor (the one that mounts the most powerful MacBook Pro), as well as MicroLED or OLED lenses to offer excellent image quality. The design of the Apple Glass, or Reality One is a complete mystery. All kinds of preliminary sketches have been published, but to this day it is not known what they will be like.

Price Point

Apple knows that it is a very niche product, so initially they will make a very limited edition of their smart glasses, so the price will become more expensive. The product is expected to have a launch price of around $3,000 or $4,000, so it won’t be exactly cheap equipment. Of course, it has also been leaked that this first model will act as an outpost, since the next generation could have three different versions and at much more affordable prices.


Now, all that remains is to wait for the Cupertino-based company to officially present this equipment to see everything that the Apple Reality One can offer. Keep in mind that all the information that you have read is based on rumors, so we cannot confirm the veracity of this data until the product is officially presented. Nevertheless, Apple enthusiasts can expect something special from the Apple Reality One.

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