Apple’s smart speaker HomePod mini is forgetful

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Apple's smart speaker HomePod mini is forgetful

Anyone who treated themselves to a HomePod mini for Christmas may currently experience operating problems with the inexpensive Siri speaker. For a few days now, users of Apple hardware have been reporting various operational difficulties when communicating with the loudspeaker in German.

The device also knows the current HomePod OS 15.2 suddenly no more memories – the system claims that the right app is missing. Also, the quick location of the iPhone as well simply sending iMessage messages to other people can fail. The HomePod mini accepts the command, but does not send it.

Even before Christmas there had been reports that the Siri speaker refused to execute shortcuts and such simple commands as specifying the time. All of this sounds like server-side problems. Apples System-Status-Anzeige In the meantime – and also currently – it remained green, HomeKit should work flawlessly according to the company.

It is not uncommon for there to be delays during the Christmas season due to numerous freshly commissioned devices because Apple’s servers are overloaded. The problem went beyond the holidays. According to user reports, inquiries with Apple support did not work. Among other things, they asked for diagnostic data to be sent, but stated that they were otherwise not informed about the problem.

Common troubleshooting measures, such as resetting the iPhone or HomePod mini, which are inconvenient for users, should not change the difficulties. Affected users should try to restart both iPhone and HomePod mini anyway to see whether the connection works again. With the HomePod mini, this is done via the Home app on the iPhone. Data is not lost in the process.

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