Apple’s WWDC23 to Introduce New MacBook Laptops

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Apple’s WWDC23: New OS Versions and Exciting Gadgets

The Apple World Developers Conference, better known as WWDC23, is just around the corner and tech enthusiasts cannot wait to indulge in the surprises that Apple has in store. This year, Apple is all set to reveal new versions of its operating systems, such as iOS 17, iPadOS 17, iWatch 17, tvOS 17, and macOS 17. However, OS updates are not the only thing on the cards, as the tech giant is also planning to launch new gadgets that could change the game for its consumers.

Apple Glasses: The Most Awaited Launch

Without a doubt, the most anticipated gadget of WWDC23 is Apple’s virtual and augmented reality glasses, which have been the talking point of the tech world since their development started. Though the official name of the glasses is not revealed yet, the June release date of this intriguing tech is confirmed. Apple fans can expect to witness a new era of augmented and virtual reality technology in the form of this cutting-edge gadget.

There have been numerous concept designs floating around the internet, but Apple has kept its project closely guarded. However, according to industry insiders, the glasses will come accompanied by a new xrOS operating system and a software development kit for developers to start working with this new interface. Consumers will have to wait until the end of the year for the release of these glasses, and it is rumored that only a few units will be available at a price of €3,000.

MacBook Pro: The New Generation of Laptops

What’s next in the bag of Apple surprises? Mark Gurman, a well-known journalist specialized in everything related to Apple, confirmed that Apple is set to launch its new generation of MacBook laptops at WWDC23. Previously-released rumors suggested that a new MacBook Air model is on the horizon and may be unveiled as early as June this year.

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Apple introduced new MacBooks and Mac computers in January, and therefore it seems logical that WWDC23 may not have more new models beyond the 15-inch MacBook Air. However, with no official word from Apple yet, it is better to take all such predictions with a grain of salt.

Final Word

Apple has always managed to surprise its consumers with its innovative gadgets and new technology. Fans are eagerly waiting for WWDC23, as there are sure to be plenty of exciting changes on the horizon. Get ready to witness a new era of virtual and augmented reality and new laptops in town, and hold on tight to your money as Apple is bringing a lineup of expensive and exciting gadgets.

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