Apps and websites to know when the heat wave of August 2021 will end

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It was hot today. Tomorrow he will do more, and on Monday EVEN MORE. We’re in what looks like it will be the biggest heat wave of 2021 – and we pray it’s the last one in 2021 as well. Temperatures are skyrocketing, and all we want to know is when this ***** WAVE ends. But there is still, so the only thing that can be done, apart from holding on to the fan, air conditioning, shadow, is to use the weather forecasts.

Heat wave August 2021, when does it end?

According to the weekend with the heat wave the temperatures will be more than 45º in the Guadalquivir Valley and may even reach 47 so a new record for absolute maximum temperature in Spain could fall “.

But the good news is that “temperatures will start to drop on Monday in the northern half but the heat will continue in the south on the last day of the heat wave. As of Tuesday, the decline will be more generalized and on Wednesday there will no longer be high temperatures but close to the average for the month of August “.

If you have to go out, you are going to plan a getaway, or you just want to know when the temperatures will drop or if the rise will reach your city, here are some websites and apps to make a quick consultation or with which to keep up to date on your mobile.



AEMET is the official page of the State Meteorological Agency of the Spanish government. Apart from the multiple services that it has, the one that interests us, which is the forecast of the weather that will be in Spain, covers a total of 9 days. Right now we can consult the results for this week, but also the prediction that will cover the rest of the days as they go by.

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More based on conjecture and models than on more reliable data due to how quickly the weather changes, although there are those who consider it a ‘pessimistic’ website in that its chances of rain are usually higher than those of the rest of the pages, the truth is that the AEMET is also usually right.


Founded by renowned meteorologists we have seen on TV for many years, It is one of those websites as well raised as it is effective in what we need to know. Has a quick interface and special reports that cover outstanding events, in fact in this link you can read their weather forecasts for these days . But without a doubt the best thing is to be able to see the real time by entering this link, with the possibility of seeing the prediction model every hour and on a graph to get an idea of ​​how time will move.

The website of the The Weather Channel or weather TV channel, it is an American page but it jumps In Spanish language. The surprising thing about it is that it allows you to know the forecast with meteorological models that range from the weather for the next few hours to within two weeks or even more than a month. For this reason we can already consult the forecast that will make during the weekend and the whole month of August.

Be careful though, as they are model-based predictions that can change from week to week. And do not be scared with the degrees, since at the beginning can go out in Fahrenheit and just change them in the upper toolbar.

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