Apps to know who has stopped following you on Instagram

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For better or for worse, social media has changed the very way people interact. But at all levels, including the sentimental. Today, someone following us on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Snapchat, says more on the Internet than meeting him in person. The ‘follow’ is like the sign of confidence, to start something.

But what about the Unfollow? What happens if someone stops following us? Well the message is clear, right? “It’s over”.

Know if they have stopped following you on Instagram or Twitter

On sites like Twitter it is easy to know who has stopped following you, since suddenly you stop seeing ‘Follows you’ under their name on their profile. But on Instagram it is something more complex. And it is that social networks notify you instantly of how much you have a new follower, but they mute if someone unfollows you. For a while, Instagram experimented with a Twitter-like ‘sneak’ to find out that someone was following you, but it didn’t work.

How to know without getting too dizzy who has stopped following you? Try one of these apps

Follower Analyzer for Instagram

The name, although in English, already makes it clear what this application is about, which is Freemium -free to download and with micropayments to use all its functions. The app allows you to:

  • See who has unfollowed you on Instagram and who does not follow you
  • See what followers like or never like your posts
  • See which followers comment on your posts or never do
  • See your posts with the most likes and comments
  • See your most viewed video
  • See which people are often tagged in your posts
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Descargar Follower Analyzer for Instagram


Another name that does not confuse regarding its main use, Nomesigue is an application that allows you on Instagram and also on Twitter to know what Your followers never interact with your posts and which ones do, in addition to activating notifications when one stops following you. The app has a free plan and a paid one, and the free one allows you to use these functions and link a maximum of 2 accounts. -the paid version allows up to 20 profiles.

Download Nomesigue


FollowMeter is an app to manage your Instagram account, with various analytics that allow you to access deep insight into your account and control aspects such as the interaction of your unfollowers, the growth of followers, the views of the stories and the performance of the publications. In addition to:

  • Follow up on unfollowers.
  • Detect who does not follow you.
  • See who sees your stories the most.
  • See who has seen your stories but is not a follower (for public accounts).
  • See your main likes.
  • See your secret admirers.
  • Find out who your ghost followers are.
  • See who has blocked your account.
  • See which posts have the most engagement.
  • Follow the participation of your accounts with its “Activity Meter”.
  • Add your account to the discovery section to get more exposure.

Like the others, it has a free plan and a premium plan, and you decide if the free features are enough or if you want to pay to use them all.

Descargar FollowMeter Android

Descargar FollowMeter iOS

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