“Aquaman 2”: all about the release of Jason Momoa’s new film

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"Aquaman 2": all about the release of Jason Momoa's new film

Productions in Hollywood experienced a significant delay after the restrictions imposed as part of the health measures for the Covid pandemic. In the case of “Aquaman 2”, The sequel to the stories starring Jason Momoa, it is estimated that the recordings will begin this month. Then, everything that is known about its launch.

Directed by James Wan |, the film is scheduled for May 16, 2022 and although little has been reported about the pre-production stage, recently the director shed some light on the details of the premiere. Speaking to The LA Times, James Wan | He talked about the means by which the tape will arrive.

“This movie has to be played on the biggest screen in the world and the studio (Warner Bros) understands it too,” said the well-known filmmaker, putting down rumors that the film would be released only in streaming. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Warner Bros agreed to release their films this year in select theaters and HBO Max.

However, it is unknown if this measure will remain in force next year when the premiere of the film is estimated. Jason Momoa. The Hawaiian actor, meanwhile, has been busy with other projects such as “Sweet Girl”, a Netflix production that will be released this year, or the eco-friendly brands that he carries.

The sequel to “Aquaman” is very soon to begin the recordings where they will meet again Jason Momoa Y Amber Heard like Princess Meera. The actor, who saw his career revived thanks to the films of the protector of the seas, had advanced details about the production and now it is known that he had a role beyond being the protagonist: he was as a co-writer.


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