Aracely Arámbula expresses fury over Luis Miguel’s live version with their children

Aracely Arámbula Addresses Comments on Luis Miguel’s Relationship with their Children

Aracely Arámbula has expressed dissatisfaction with statements made by Lucía Miranda, the widow of Luis Miguel’s former manager, Hugo López. Miranda claimed that the singer had contact with Arámbula’s children, Miguel and Daniel, born from her relationship with Luis Miguel.

While Miranda stated that the children occasionally see their father, Arámbula has made it clear that Luis Miguel has been an absent father both emotionally and financially. In an Instagram story, she shared a note published by the magazine Quién and emphatically declared that she will always speak “with the truth” when it comes to her children.

Despite their high-profile relationship and break-up, neither Arámbula nor Luis Miguel have publicly disclosed the reasons for their separation. However, Arámbula did state that her children do not need financial assistance from their father, as they have plenty of love and support from their close-knit family.

The issue has gained renewed attention since Luis Miguel was recently photographed taking the daughters of his fiancée to school in Spain. The singer’s behavior has attracted negative comments, leading to further scrutiny of his relationship with his own children.

Arámbula has not been afraid to speak out against the singer, as evidenced by a recent viral video in which she referred to Luis Miguel as “King Cucaracho.” Despite the social media outcry and laughter over the video, Arámbula remains firm in her feelings and her commitment to her children.

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