Arcane: the LoL series on Netflix, receives 9 nominations for the Annie Awards 2021

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The success of Arcane, the new Netflix production set in the universe of League of Legends, is beyond doubt. The series has won over millions of followers of the popular Riot Games MOBA, but also critics: even 9 are the nominations he has received in the Annie Awards 2021, the ceremony that many define as “the Oscars of animation”. The gala will take place on February 26.

Arcane at the 2021 Annie Awards: All Nominations

The success of the series has been such that it has become one of the great candidates in practically all possible categories. Then we leave you the full list of prizes to which it aspires.

  • Best Animated Series
  • Best screenplay
  • Best direction
  • Best Production Design
  • Mejor storyboarding
  • Better character animations
  • Best character designs
  • Best special effects
  • Best dubbing

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The first season unfolds through 3 acts of 3 chapters each. The story is set in Piltover and in Zaun, a region and city within the game universe. Known throughout Runeterra as the ” City of Progress ”, this is the home of many of the brilliant minds. But the creation of Hextech, a way that anyone can control magical energy, puts that balance at risk. In addition, during the story it delves into the background of champions like Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn y Jayce, among others.

Arcane stands available in full on Netflix. In addition, we remind you that the second season is already officially confirmed. Of course, although it is currently in production, we will still have to wait to know the first details about its history.

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