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Are Daniel Ezra and Samantha Logan Dating? Rumors Explained

Are Daniel Ezra and Samantha Logan Dating? Rumors Explained

Daniel Ezra is currently dominating the headlines after confirming his exit from the renowned sports drama All American. The British actor bid adieu to the show, having led its reins for six seasons. Consequently, Daniel Ezra’s admirers are taking a keen interest in his life, especially his love life. This interest has led fans to wonder if Samantha Logan is Daniel Ezra’s girlfriend.

Here are all the available details regarding Ezra’s dynamics with Samantha Logan.

At the time of writing, Ezra does not appear to be involved in a relationship with Samantha Logan. It is unclear as to who the 32-year-old actor is dating at the moment.

The seasoned artist has always kept his love life under wraps. As a result, not much is known regarding Daniel Ezra’s romantic adventures as well as his current girlfriend. Nonetheless, the versatile actor-director was once linked with another co-star, Greta Onieogou. According to Legit, the duo was believed to be dating, having shared commendable chemistry on the show. However, neither of the two parties has addressed such speculations to date.

Ezra was later rumored to have wooed Samantha Logan as his girlfriend. The theories received a boost when the actor shared some photos alongside Logan on social media. Nevertheless, Ezra later clarified that he usually posts pictures with cast members and that Logan was just a good friend.

Ezra has also gone on record to say that he and Samantha share an excellent professional bond. Having also directed certain episodes of All American, the British creator stated in an interview with Deadline that guiding Logan was “a breeze.” Despite their sublime relationship on set, the duo are not romantically involved with each other.

With Ezra continuing to keep things about his personal life private, there is currently no update regarding Ezra’s potential girlfriend.

Source: Particle News