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Are Lana Del Rey and Quavo Dating? They Play Lovers in ‘Tough’ Music Video

Quavo and Lana Del Rey have officially released their much-anticipated collaboration, “Tough,” after teasing it last month, sparking discussions among fans about the nature of their relationship, which some speculate could be more than professional.

The duo collaborated with director Wyatt Spain Winfrey to create a classic Americana-themed music video that debuted on Wednesday. The video features Quavo and Lana Del Rey slow dancing and getting cozy while singing the lyrics to “Tough” against a rural backdrop. In other scenes, Del Rey is seen seated on Quavo’s lap as she strums a guitar on a wraparound porch, and Quavo is shown teaching her to shoot beer cans.

The song talks about a “tough” upbringing that brought the two characters together. In the chorus, they sing, “Like a .38 made out of brass / Tough like the stuff on your grandpa’s glass. Life’s gonna do what it does / Sure as the good Lord up above / I’m cut like a diamond shinin’ in the rough.”

Quavo makes an emotional tribute to his late Migos bandmate and nephew Takeoff, who was tragically shot and killed in 2022 at the age of 28. In the music video, Quavo forms a “T” with his crossed arms while rapping the poignant lyrics, “Still shinin’, and it’s hard / If you ever lost someone that you love.”

The collaboration first caught public attention when Del Rey and Quavo performed “Tough” live during Del Rey’s headlining performance at Boston’s Fenway Park on June 21. The concert, which was sold out, faced a two-hour delay due to severe thunderstorms, necessitating the evacuation of fans from the field. Live Nation confirmed these details to USA TODAY on June 22.

Despite the delay, the fans’ patience was rewarded as Del Rey eventually took the stage, accompanied by guests including Mason Ramsey, Stephen Sanchez, and Quavo. The latter joined her for a live performance of “Tough.”

“Tough” is presumably a single from Lana Del Rey’s upcoming country album, “Lasso,” which is scheduled for release in September.