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Are Ludwig and QTCinderella Still Dating and Together?

Are Ludwig and QTCinderella Still Dating and Together?
Image Credit: Ludwig via YouTube

Ludwig Ahgren and QTCinderella have become one of the most cherished couples in the online world since they began dating in 2020. Their relationship initially started as a rumor but has since blossomed into a well-known romance. Fans often wonder if they are still together, so let’s explore their journey as a couple and confirm if Ludwig and QTCinderella are still united.

Yes, as of 2024, Ludwig Ahgren is still dating QTCinderella. The speculation around their relationship was confirmed when QTCinderella unintentionally revealed her Discord messages with Ludwig during a Twitch livestream in 2020. She later shared the clip of this incident on her YouTube channel. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, which limited in-person meetings, the couple managed to strengthen their bond over the months they dated online before finally meeting.

The pair frequently collaborates on content. They both enjoy hosting live events, with QTCinderella organizing her annual Streamer Awards and Ludwig hosting various competitive events. Their relationship status appears intact as they continue to be featured in each other’s posts and videos. Just last month, Ludwig celebrated QTCinderella’s birthday with a series of photos on Instagram, captioning it, “Happy birthday to the funny one in the relationship.”

Similarly, on Ludwig’s 29th birthday, Blaire (QTCinderella’s real name) sent her warm wishes on X (formerly Twitter) a day late, writing, “I’m a day late but hbd to this cuddle bug.” This message, dated July 7, 2024, is a clear sign that they are indeed still together.

QTCinderella continues to stream live on Twitch, where she mainly shares her cooking content and video gaming sessions. She also manages multiple YouTube channels, posting clips from her livestreams, vlogs, and various challenge videos. Ludwig splits his time between YouTube and Twitch, using YouTube for his daily gaming and reaction content, while occasionally hosting events on Twitch.