Are The Maple Leafs Ready To Keep Canada Proud?

Are The Maple Leafs Ready To Keep Canada Proud?

The Leafs have been the undisputed best Canadian team in the league for some time now, and their performance in the pre-season proved they wouldn’t back down. After winning four of five games, the Leafs have also had some downs, mainly in the form of injuries.

But will these impact the result? Or are the positives much heavier than the disadvantages? 

Hockey fans have already taken to the sports betting sites in Ontario to place their picks ahead of the season, and many of them might still wonder if the Leafs will succeed. 

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Nevertheless, before you place your bets, you should consider how each team performed in the pre-season and how their players stood in the competition. Regarding the Leafs, we’ll help you recap the pre-season:

Two Excellent Goaltenders

During pre-season, Murray played two games, 50 minutes in each, and managed to stop all but one shot. He is currently in excellent physical condition, and everything points that he will continue to be the starter throughout the season.

Samsonov conceded three goals out of the 46 shots, having played almost 50 minutes. Although Murray continues to showcase more impressive skills, both goaltenders will likely share the load during the season. This will allow them to rest and increase their chances of avoiding injury.

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A Strong Offensive

Morgan Rielly has been spending some time on the right side, which might help him increase his opportunities in the offensive. During the previous season, Rielly achieved an outstanding result of 68-points, almost as high as his career peak so far.

Injured Team Members

Although some players suffered minor injuries during the pre-season, the Leafs might quickly recover to make it to the first few matches of the season.

Tavares already made it to the first match on October 12th, while Engball will join the team on the 13th, along with the defenders Muzzin and Liljegren. Benn remains an injured reserve but should make a total return in November.

First Match of the Season

The Leafs’ performance in their first season match fell short of their pre-season ability, as the team demonstrated difficulty against the Canadiens. The Montréal team won the season opener, with Anderson scoring in the last minute.

With 19 seconds remaining in the third period, Anderson shot a sure shot, finalizing the game with a 4-3 win against the Leafs.

The team’s captain John Tavares claimed, “It was a tough one to swallow in the last few minutes”. 

According to Tavares, the team must “learn from it quick, get back in front of ‘Leafs Nation’ tomorrow and feed off our fans and bounce back.”

Predictions For The Second Match

The Leafs flew back to Toronto to prepare for their second match of the season against the Washington Capitals, which will happen on Thursday, October 13th, at 7:30 p.m. ET.

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The Capitals lost at home against the Boston Bruins, suffering five goals against 2. However, the Capitals have won five of the last seven meetings against the Leafs on Toronto’s ice.

Moreover, although the Leafs were the top favorites to win against the Canadiens, the match didn’t go as they and the sports fans planned. 

Everything can happen at this time, especially since the Capitals have yet to reveal their line-up.

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