Are Tom Holland and Zendaya really a couple?

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After four years of speculation and rumors, Tom Holland and Zendaya gave fans what they were longing for: a hope that the two of them are a couple in real life. It is that, the chemistry they transmitted on the screen was unmatched so, many longed to see them kissing as happened last Friday when they were captured by Page Six on the street in Los Angeles.

Moreover, faced with this situation, such was the euphoria that was generated around both Tom Holland as well as their co-star who have already become the most beloved young couple in the show. However, this is the thinking of some since there are others who do not believe that Marvel stars are in the middle of a real courtship and even came to imagine a possible promotion for the next film, Spiderman: no way home.

Since they starred in the first film playing Peter Parker and MJ, both were involved in rumors of romance, but more than once they were in charge of denying them. In fact, Holland went so far as to admit that Zendaya “is the perfect person”, But that he sees her only as a friend who helped him manage the life change that his inclusion in the MCU cast brought him.

Tom Holland and Zendaya. Photo: (Getty)

Anyway, now, things seem to have changed and everything indicates that reality surpassed fiction and the Briton and the former Disney Channel star are more united than ever and not exactly as friends. However, from Spoiler, we will reveal the theories that fans imagined regarding Holland and Zendaya’s relationship.

All the theories about Tom Holland and Zendaya’s relationship:

1. Es marketing:

Although this was thought by almost all the fandom of the actors, the truth is that it has some truth. It is that, on December 17, the closing of the Spiderman trilogy will be released and, having them being the center of attention leads the film to be among the most anticipated of Marvel.

2. They are just friends:

Just as they said more than once, when they met on the Spiderman shoot, both they and Jacob Batalon became best friends so their solo outings could only indicate that they preserve their friendship. But then what happens to the kiss?

Zendaya, Tom y Jacob.  Photo: (Getty)

Zendaya, Tom y Jacob. Photo: (Getty)

3. They lost their fear:

During all the years that they were seen together both doing movie promotions or on set, they always transmitted a lot of chemistry between them. However, among all the work they both had, they did not want their friendship to be tainted by a relationship that might not work out. Could it be that in order to Spiderman and to work together they have lost their fear and dared to declare their love?


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