Argentina announces the signing of a contract with Pfizer to acquire 20 million doses of vaccines

The Government of Argentina announced on Tuesday the signing of a binding agreement with the Pfizer laboratory for the acquisition of 20 million doses of vaccines against covid-19.

What remains are logistical issues“said the head of Health, Carla Vizzoti, who called a press conference to offer data on the progress of the pandemic in the country.

The minister stressed that the final agreement was given after intense negotiations between the parties and stressed that the Government’s objective is to accelerate the vaccination process for this year and 2022.

“We are working very intensely, very committed, both from the national State to continue ensuring the provision of vaccines, and with the jurisdictions and municipalities, to keep escalating vaccination by age groups “, he specified.

In this context, Vizzoti explained that to date more than 50% of Argentines “have started their vaccination scheme,” and 74% of those over 18 have received at least one dose of immunizer.

The number of vaccinated rises to 90% in the group over 60 years of age. The data comes after nine consecutive weeks in which Argentina has reported a decrease in infections and seven in a row with a drop in deaths and hospitalizations.

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