Argentina confirms a case of the so-called ‘black fungus’ associated with covid-19

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A new case of the so-called ‘black fungus’ or mucormycosis has been detected in Argentina in a patient who suffered from coronavirus. The finding comes a day after health authorities confirmed the first death from this infectious disease in the country, they reported. local media.

The case has been registered in the northeastern province of Formosa, and was confirmed this Saturday by doctor Julián Bibolini in the framework of an informative part about covid-19. According to the infectologist, the patient is a 47-year-old woman with a history of hypertension and type II diabetes mellitus who was discharged last month after suffering from covid-19.

After overcoming this last disease, the patient was again admitted for a lesion on the palate and subjected to a microbiological analysis. “On June 12, the diagnosis of mucormycosis was confirmed by isolation and micromorphological identification of Rhizopus sp”, points out the portal of the Argentine State. Currently the woman remains hospitalized and is receiving antifungal treatment. Your forecast is reserved.

Although the ‘black fungus’ is considered a post-covid complication, the doctor clarified that “it is not the first time that it occurs in Formosa, nor in the world”, and that there are many cases prior to the coronavirus, “only now more has been done visible and frequent “. He explained that self-medication during the pandemic has generated “a decrease in people’s defenses” and recalled that the responsible fungus exists in the environment and “is everywhere.” “It can be inhaled and cause infection, there is no transmission between people, nor is it related to the coronavirus itself,” he stressed.

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