Argentina is one of the three countries that worst handled the pandemic according to an international ranking

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In the middle of worrying increase of confirmed cases and deaths from coronavirus, Argentina was among the three countries that managed the worst the pandemic according to a global ranking of 53 nations. The survey analyzed, based on a total of 10 parameters, the results of how the crisis unleashed by the Covid-19 pandemic has been dealt with.

With this qualification, Argentina fell seven places with respect to the last update carried out at the end of March, in which it had been located at the 44th. position. One of the aspects evaluated that most drove this decrease was the go up in the positivity rate, which is currently located in the 29% and is the worse of all countries surveyed.

The “Resilience Ranking” prepared by Bloomberg uses a wide variety of data to determine where the pandemic is being managed most effectively, with the fewer social and economic problems.

It also evaluates parameter statistics such as the mortality rate, the number of tests, the positivity rate, the access to the vaccine, the severity of restrictions to the circulation and evolution of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

However, Argentina was not the worst ranked Latin American country in the survey. With strong questioning towards its president Jair Bolsonaro for how he handled the pandemic from the beginning, Brazil stayed latest in the ranking with a rating of 39.1 units.

The other nations in the region listed are as follows: Chile (36th.); Peru (47th.); Mexico (48th.); and Colombia (50th.), the latter just one position ahead of Argentina.

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For its part, at the other end of the list were Singapore (1st), New Zealand, Australia, Israel and Taiwan. The top was completed by South Korea, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Finland and Hong Kong.

The report only includes states with economies whose GDP exceeds 200 billion dollars, and according to its authors it allows to anticipate how each country will do by analyzing the agreements to obtain vaccines that each one of them has signed.

However, at the same time they warn: “This is not a final verdict; It could never be, given the imperfections of data on the virus and vaccines and the rapid pace of this crisis, which has seen subsequent waves confuse the places that initially handled the outbreaks well. Circumstances and luck also play a role, but they are difficult to quantify. “

By last, Bloomberg ensures in its ranking that the vaccine deployment will be a factor decisive during this year, with challenges ranging from logistics and storage to the indecision of many people when it comes to immunization.

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