Argentina is the worst country to pass the pandemic, according to an international survey measured by 53 governments

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According to the ranking of “resilience” that elaborates Bloomberg, Argentina is still the country “Less recommended” to pass the pandemic and USA it ranks as the one that best faces the crisis.

The listing includes 53 economies and the way in which they manage the measures according to the progress of the coronavirus.

To prepare the ranking, a variety of data related to the epidemiological situation, quality of life and the progress of reopenings. The goal is to identify the best and worst places to go through the pandemic.

In this sense, it analyzes indicators such as percentage of people vaccinated, the death rate and the average number of cases, among others. In addition, now they are incorporated two new trip tracking metrics: which assesses the “reopening of tourism” and the “freedom of vaccinated people”.

More than a year later since the first case of COVID-19 was identified in China, the focus of the ranking has changed and the evaluation of countries is increasingly defined based on one question: “The return to normality”, according to Bloomberg.

Argentina occupies the last place on this list, preceded by the Philippines, Malaysia, and India. The country reached this position between May and June due to “infections that continue to increase, restrictions still in force and vacillating vaccination deployments ”.

In this sense, the data show that Argentina has the highest average of positive coronavirus cases in a month per capita among the nations that rank higher in the study, with 1615 infections per 100,000 inhabitants.

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The country had been declining positions since April, when fell seven places and it was positioned in box 51, due to the excessive increase in the positivity rate (29%): the highest of all nations.

The Latin American economies, In general, they are at the bottom of the ranking, like the Philippines and India, due to the wave of new outbreaks due to the variants of the virus, delayed vaccination and isolation or restrictions that still persist.

In the region of Asia and the Pacific, nations that had a remarkable performance worldwide, such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, now fell in the rankings for their border closure measures and focus on zero tolerance to small sprouts.

The countries that best manage the pandemic, according to the ranking

At the other end of the ranking, USA it was ranked as the best country to pass the pandemic. He thus moved from first place to New Zealand in the last month. These two nations are followed Switzerland and Israel.

The rise of the North American country to the first place is due, according to the fundamentals, to a successful vaccination plan. There he was immunized with at least one dose per 53,71% of the population. Dominated by injections of Highly effective messenger RNA, which stopped what was once the worst outbreak in the world, “detailed Bloomberg.

According to the arguments, in addition to the “best case of high vaccinations”, a “waning outbreak” is observed. They also highlighted the flight capacity, which “Approaching full recovery” and the few travel restrictions for people who are already vaccinated.

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Countries that are in the top ten, such as Switzerland, France and Spain they also owe it, according to the report, to the reopening of their borders to vaccinated tourists while hospitalizations decrease thanks to the inoculation.

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