Argentina offered two flights from Malvinas for islanders who want to visit their relatives during the holidays

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The national government offered the United Kingdom that Aerolineas Argentinas carry out “two humanitarian flights” in December and January at Falkland Islands for islanders “who need to travel to other destinations to attend to personal procedures or visit their relatives.”

The news was released by the Foreign Ministry and marks a unusual gesture of détente with Great Britain almost 40 years after the start of the Malvinas War.

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The Foreign Ministry’s gesture for the holidays: they proposed to the United Kingdom to make two flights to the Malvinas

“The United Kingdom was proposed to carry out two humanitarian flights, to be carried out in the months of December and January, from the Argentine mainland to the Falkland Islands, with Argentine flag airline, for the purpose of transporting residents of the Falkland Islands who need to travel to other destinations to attend to personal procedures or visit their relatives, ”the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The text clarifies that the offer was presented to the British government “last week” and that the Chancellery “is awaiting a response.”

As a consequence of the restrictions derived from the coronavirus pandemic, regular commercial flights to the Falkland Islands have been suspended since March 2020.

The proposal seeks to overcome the consequences produced by the pandemic and also “stimulate a context of greater trust with the inhabitants of the Islands, within the framework of what is established by the National Constitution in the First Transitory Provision regarding respect for their way of life. life ”, highlighted from the Chancellery, which heads Santiago Cafiero.

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The offer contrasts with a generally more distant policy towards Britain from the administration of Alberto Fernandez, in comparison with the lines of approach that the management of Mauricio Macri.

In addition, it was recalled that on the recommendation of the Malvinas National Council, the National Executive Branch promotes “a Bill to establish a mandatory and continuous training program on the Malvinas Question, destined to all the people who work in the three powers of the State ”.

In this way, “it aims at the compulsory and continuous training of all / as civil servants in a priority issue of Argentine foreign policy.”

The National Council for Matters Relating to the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia, South Sandwich and the surrounding maritime spaces, created by National Law 27,558 approved unanimously by the National Congress, has the mandate to collaborate in the elaboration of the sustenance of the Argentine position in the sovereignty dispute in its geographical, environmental, historical, legal and political aspects.

The Council is made up of National Deputies and Senators from the main political forces with parliamentary representation, specialists in international law, academics, ex-combatants and authorities from the province of Tierra del Fuego. It is a plural and multi-party body.

Within this framework, it makes and makes recommendations to the National Executive Power in relation to the Malvinas Question.

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