“Argentine Brothers Unleash Long-Awaited ‘The Flash’ Blockbuster Premiere”

By: MRT Desk

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The highly anticipated film “The Flash” is set to be released on June 16 in the United States, and has become one of the most protected films in history. The production faced countless modifications since it was announced in 2014, including changes of scriptwriters and directors. Despite all the obstacles, the film is being supported by specialized critics.

“The Flash” is directed by Argentine filmmaker Andy Muschietti, known for his successful supernatural horror story “Mama” and the recent adaptations of Stephen King’s “It”. Working alongside his sister Barbara, who served as a producer, the duo faced constant obstacles during the creation process.

The film features Ezra Miller, who has played the character in previous DC movies, as two versions of Barry Allen/The Flash, alongside Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck, who both portray Batman. The cast also includes Gal Gadot and Nicolas Cage in ‘cameo’ roles.

As the first South American to direct a superhero movie, Muschietti had to navigate the challenges of handling beloved characters and actors, while also finding an emotional core to the film. The casting included Maribel Verdú as the main character’s mother and Sasha Calle, of Colombian descent, as Supergirl.

Despite the headlines surrounding Miller’s personal life, the directors praised his impressive performance and discipline during the filming process. The film’s staging, which goes beyond the fantasy genre, was another challenge Muschietti had to face.

As the release date approaches, Muschietti and Barbara express their excitement and belief in the film, which they describe as an enormous ambition that successfully overcame all the obstacles. “The Flash” is set to impress audiences with its unique take on the DC universe.

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