Argentine Red Cross Day: why it is celebrated on June 10

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Argentine Red Cross Day: why it is celebrated on June 10

The attacks on the Embassy of israel and the AMIA, the fire of Cro-Magnon Republic o la Eleven tragedyThey are images that remain in the retina of Argentines.

Those curses that still hurt the collective consciousness of the Nation, had in common the presence of an institution that helped to try to minimize the damage: the Red Cross.

The Red Cross Its function is to develop humanitarian actions together with society, promoting risk reduction and the integral development of citizens. Likewise, they are a fundamental bulwark in disaster assistance and in Health and Safety training.

So much so, that only in the country, the Red Cross annually trains more than fifty thousand Argentines in first aid.

Why is the Argentine Red Cross Day celebrated?

The Argentine Red Cross Day is celebrated on June 10th in commemoration of the founding of the local branch in 1880. The experience of the First Geneva Convention inspired Argentine doctors Guillermo Rawson Y Toribio Ayerza to create the local agency in the country.

The first president of the institution was Pedro Roberts, but so much Rawson What Yesterday they received the title of honorary presidents.

The seven principles of the Red Cross

On 1965, during a congress in One, the seven fundamental principles intrinsic to the National Societies of the Red Cross, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the International Federation of Societies of the Red Cross.

  • Impartiality: the members of the Red Cross they must not make distinctions by nationality, religion, political creed, race or social condition.
  • Willfulness: the voluntary and disinterested character is fundamental in the movement.
  • Neutrality: the Red Cross It will refrain from taking sides in controversies of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature.
  • Independence: one of the ways the Red Cross maintains trust in the institution is thanks to its autonomy from the public powers.
  • Humanity: one of the main objectives of the organization is to provide help to those who need it and always act in favor of protecting life and health.
  • Unit: there can only be one Red Cross by country and it will be their obligation to provide protection to the entire territory of the nation to which they belong.
  • Universality: all subsidiaries of the Red Cross, as part of the International Movement, they must work together and with the same rights.

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