Aria Ella Thornton: The Bright Light Shining Through Young Dolph’s Legacy

By: Will Wood

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Aria Ella Thornton

The well-known Aria Thornton is the daughter of the late rapper Young Dolph, who died during a drive-by shooting. She will sadly have to go through childhood without a father.

Many things do not apply to the youngster because of her age, including a career, educational background, established net worth, romantic orientation, and social media. 

Early Life of Aria Ella Thornton

As of 2023, Aria will be six years old because she was born in April 2017. She is Mia and the late Young Dolph’s youngest child. Aria was raised in Los Angeles, California, in the USA. Young Dolph and Aria Ella Thornton frequently spent time together because she attended several of his performances and public engagements with him. She also appears in several social media videos and postings made by the late Young Dolph. She plays with makeup in one of the videos as her father raps in the background. 

Tre Tre Thornton is Aria’s older brother. He is the lone son of the late Young Dolph and his longtime partner, Mia Jaye. On June 20, 2014, Tre Tre was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States. In 2020, Tre Tre finished kindergarten, and she has since grown quite interested in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) 

Who is Aria Ella’s Thornton Father

The father of Aria is Adolph Robert Thornton, better known by his stage name, Dolph. Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., better known by his stage name Young Dolph, was born in Chicago, Illinois, but the family moved when he was two years old. Memphis, Tennessee, became a significant part of Young Dolph’s identity as a rapper. It’s also there; at just 36, he passed away.

Robert lived a brief life because he was shot and killed in his neighborhood at 36. Adolph Robert also had a very short life, having been born on July 27, 1985, and passed away on November 17, 2021, but within that time, he amassed a great deal of popularity and recognition from the public.  

How Did Aria Ella Thornton’s Father Die?

Young Dolph Thornton, the father of Aria Thornton, died in 2021 after being shot 22 times in a Memphis bakery. According to autopsy results, the rapper suffered gunshot wounds as a result of a hail of bullets striking his chest and other bodily regions. 

According to the report, he was wounded in his left chest, left abdomen, right chin, right shoulder, arms, and many times in his back. When the family of Young Dolph found out about the terrible event, it wasn’t easy.

In a Mercedes-Benz that had been hijacked, the shooters were moving. They attacked him when he went to his hometown’s Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies. The late rapper Young Dolph was honored by his family at a public memorial service held at the FedExForum arena in Memphis, Tennessee. Furthermore, neighborhood members and the rapper’s supporters were present to offer respect. 

Who is Aria Ella Thornton’s Mother?

Mia Jaye is the mother of Aria Ella Thornton. She was conceived on April 15, 1989, in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States. Like Adolph Robert, Mia Jaye has been in a long-term relationship with the well-known American rapper. 

Mia Jaye is a well-known businesswoman, social media influencer, and activist. She also works as a podcast host and makes a respectable living. The fashion line The Mon E.O. was founded by Mia Jaye as well. She is an independent, successful businesswoman. 

As a result, she and her partner remained together for a very long time, and they later had their first son together. When she first encountered Adolph, a well-known rapper, she was in the early stages of her career. 

She has been managing her professional job, and her children’s needs equally since Adolph left her and her family. For her son and daughter, she has been providing the love of both parents at the same time, earning the title of independent supermom. 

Aria Elle Thornton is Also Not on Social Media

Aria is too young to participate in social media activity; thus, you will never be able to locate them on major social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Mia Jaye, their mother, has decided to shield them from that kind of early exposure. As his father, Dolph, was raised by his grandmother, he was known for declaring he would be a strict dad. His wife is following that practice.  

Where are Young Dolph’s Children Now?

The children of Young Dolph are currently being raised by their mother, Mia Jaye, their legal custodian. She has continued trying to prevent them from seeing their father’s absence from their lives. The kids, who reside with their mother in their Tennessee birthplace, are thought to be academically driven. 

A nonprofit, Mia Jaye, purportedly oversees assistance to the families of gun violence victims. She acknowledged that she started the foundation to give young black kids a reason to live, just as she does for her children. She has repeatedly urged young black men to receive education to recognize their life’s purpose and abstain from gun violence so they can be there for their children. 

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