Ariadne Díaz: the traumatic episode she lived after seeing how her pet was eaten by a crocodile

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The actress Ariadne Diaz, known for her work on “The Malquerida”And“ The double life of Estela Carrillo ”, she is going through one of the most difficult moments of her life, after the savage death of her pet. Through social networks, the Mexican was quite affected by the departure of her dog, moving her almost 6 million followers.

The star of Telemundo, who is the wife of the actor Marcus Ornellas, known for his participation in “If they let us”, “False identity” Y “The taxi driver”, He uses his networks to be in close contact with his fans, so I can’t help but share with them the hard time he’s going through.

Ariadne left the audience speechless when she revealed that her dog named Tacha was eaten by a crocodile. The artist lives with her family in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, a place where these types of species abound, so it is not something from the other world to see them walking close to the houses.

Despite the fact that the actress is used to living with this type of reptile, she never thought that one would have the opportunity to attack her dog and, much less, leave her lifeless.

“Yesterday, while we were returning from the beach that is one block from my house, a crocodile caught her and in a second Tacha was gone […] My heart is broken. It was an instant, a second ”, The protagonist of the telenovela “La mujer del gale” expressed on her Instagram account.

According to Díaz, lately his house and the surroundings of it have been visited by various crocodiles, which means a danger to its inhabitants; For this reason, it has alerted the public:I ask you to be extremely careful in this entire area., I have found crocodiles outside my house, on the beach and even in the sea ”.

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Both Ariadne and her husband are affected by the crude death of their dog, so they decided to remember the best moments with her and thus share them with the public.

My beloved Tacha, so many years together, so many trips, so much love, so many laughs, so many scolding, so much mutual understanding without words “Díaz said in his Instagram Stories, accompanying an image where he posed hugging his dog.

The artist confessed to being going through a moment of deep pain, because the affection she felt for her pet was immense. “I never imagined that yesterday would be her last day in this world, that that story would be her last video, that I didn’t have time to hug her and tell her how much I love her and how much I will miss her. […]I love you Tacha; I love you from the first moment I saw you and I love you even after your departure, ended Diaz.

During an interview for the Tlnovelas YouTube channel, She confessed that she would never work with her boyfriend Marcus Ornellas on a soap opera. “No,” said the Mexican actress.

“We have discussed it, he says the same answer,” he added. Later, the “La Malquerida” actress explained why they would not share a recording set with her partner Marcus Ornellas in a soap opera.

“It’s so many hours, it’s so much work [que] I think that would affect our relationship ”, affirmed Ariadne, who maintains that each one has to have their space and respect it.

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